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Offer to companies


Permanent legal support in business

Team work



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Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Settlement

Professional Advocates

Representation in All the Courts and Arbitration

Efficient Strategy

Negotiations and Mediation

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Intellectual Property Protection and Trademarks

Trademarks registration in accordance with local and international procedures

Disputing the registered trademarks/designs at the court

Protection of trademark owners rights in judicial and not judicial manner

Waiver agreements and license agreement

Services for cancelling the registered trademarks

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Tax and Customs Issues

Mechanism for planning and optimization of taxes/customs fees

Professionals experienced in financial law

Tax and customs audit

Participation in the inspections

Disputing the actions of tax authorities/customs bodies at the court

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Foreign Investments

Written legal consulting in any language

Study of a certain area and risk assessment

Due diligence of the purchased company

Organization of shares and stocks purchase

Investment and tax optimization mechanisms

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Online services

“Martirosyan & Partners” Law Firm provides online legal services.
Our team will study your issue, provide legal opinion and help in finding the most effective ways of solutions.
Our firm will contact you within two business days after submitting the application.
Please be so kind to fill in your data, enter your question and click the “send” button.
We will protect your privacy and keep your information safe.