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23. Translation of Legal Documents

Translation of Legal Documents

Besides the legal services, at any stage of the business there frequently arises a necessity and in some cases it becomes mandatory to have the translated versions of the documents related to the business.

Such cases are numerous: correspondence in foreign language and agreements with foreign partners, translation of foreign citizens’ identification documents with notary certification, bilingual documents, due translation of the powers of attorney issued by foreign companies and persons, due translations of the documents in foreign languages to be presented at the court, etc.

Being staffed with employees who excellently master foreign languages “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm at the same time closely cooperates with companies and specialists (including notary translators) rendering high quality translation services who provide for the translation and notary certification of the documents at shortest possible terms.

The translation services of the legal texts include the notary certifications of he translated documents which in certain cases (documents to be presented at the state bodies, powers of attorney, etc.) are a legislative requirement.
The translations are done from Armenian into any international language (English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic) and vice versa.

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