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16. Real Estate

Real Estate and Property Rights

When acquiring or alienating real estate or other property rights in Armenia a number of legal risks arise inevitably that should be managed by lawyers specialized in the area who will ensure the protection of the owners and other rightholders’ rights, will help to avoid the abuse of rights, fraud or sham transactions and adverse impacts of legal nature.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm is specialized in the area of real estate and offers the following services:


  • Legal consulting at any stage of the transaction and on any issue;
  • Proper formulation of the rights towards the real estate, making the package, holding negotiations, representation before third parties, in the notary office and at the State Committee of Real estate Cadastre;
  • Drafting agreements related to real estate (purchase and sale, donation, lease, pledge, etc.) and organization of the entire process of transaction;
  • Preparing powers of attorney and other documents required for transactions, definition of the parties’ legal capacities and authorities;
  • Real estate due diligence, checking the bases for acquiring or alienating the rights towards the real estate;
  • Studying the agreements and checking their conformity to the legislation;
  • Providing for the legal aspect of construction and renovation, obtaining permissions and licences,
  • Privatization,
  • In case of disputes judicial and administrative protection of the rights towards the real estate, representation in the administrative bodies and courts,
  • Drafting agreements, powers of attorney and other documents required for the real estate transactions to be concluded by legal entities and other legal services related to that area.


Due to the lawyers educated abroad who master foreign languages “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm provides the above stated services in English, Russian and French, as well.

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