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20. Oil Industry

Oil Industry

Oil industry in Armenia is in the stage of development and it is mainly connected with import, sale and processing.

Certain legal procedures and requirements are defined for that area and compliance therewith is one of the most important preconditions for the companies of the area.

The regulations that refer to the foreign investments occupy an important place in the oil industry area, as well. Therefore, a systematized and complete legal approach is a primary goal.

The lawyers and advocates of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm have deep professional and practical knowledge in the oil industry and international trade areas and due to that we can offer to our clients complete legal assistance in the following matters:


  • Permissions and licenses;
  • International agreements on purchase and sale and for service provision;
  • Cargo transportation agreements;
  • Tax and customs relations;
  • Issues related to environmental protection;
  • Consecutive works with the competent state bodies;
  • Foreign investments;
  • Permanent legal service to the companies involved in the area with the consideration of the peculiarities and the risks in the area.

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