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5. Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

Only the persons that obtained advocate’s licenses, the advocates, can act as representatives in the Republic of Armenia courts.

The team of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm consists of experienced advocates who are specialized in corporate and administrative law, excellently master the procedural law and the skills for developing effective tactics for maintaining the cases in all the instances.

We provide specialized administrative and procedural representations services in the following areas:


  • Commercial disputes;
  • Disputes related to intellectual property, prohibition of trademark use, considering invalid the trademarks and disputes related to intellectual property protection,
  • Competition disputes;
  • Disputes with the banks and insurance;
  • Civil and legal disputes;
  • Contractual and beyond contract disputes;
  • Loss indemnification and confiscation disputes;
  • Disputes related to real estate;
  • Customs and tax disputes,
  • Labour disputes;
  • Disputes related to the ownership and other property rights protection;
  • Disputes between the shareholders or the company stakeholders;
  • Administrative disputes;
  • Representation in the arbitrations acting within the territory of the RA and ad hoc arbitrations (RA Financial System Mediator, Arbitration Courts at the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of RA)
  • Dispute settlement and representation services are provided at the administrative bodies as well, in particular:
  • Representation in the administrative proceedings in the relations with the administrative bodies, appealing against the acts of administrative bodies, appealing against the administrative acts, actions or inaction of the subordinate administrative bodies (tax, customs, local autonomies, ministries, departments, etc.) by the order of precedence.
  • Representation in the Compulsory Enforcement Service of Judicial Acts at the stage of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts, as well as appealing against the actions or inaction of compulsory enforcement service by the order of precedence or in judicial manner.


The provision of dispute settlement and judicial representation services includes participation in the court sessions and holding negotiations in case of necessity, collection and study of the proofs, making and submitting statements of claim, applications, responses, motions, appeals and cassation appeals and any other judicial documents, making legal inquiries and provision of legal consulting in connection with court cases on any issue.

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