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17. Licensing


In order to perform certain types of activities in Armenia it is necessary to get a permission or license without which performing such type of activity is considered illegal and is strictly punished by the law.

The legal procedures and requirements for obtaining licenses have many layers: in case of foreign copanies here the regulations related to the foreign investments are added, thus, a systematized and complete legal approach is a necessity.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm, inter alia other services, provides the following licensing services:


  • Complete legal service for obtaining licenses/permissions in all the areas: construction, medical activity, pharmaceutics, expertises, telecommunication, mobile connection, electricity production, oil industry and mining industry, etc.;
  • Consulting for ensuring proper procedures of licensing, making the documents packages and their submission;
  • Legal inquiries and obtaining information;
  • Legal assistance to the foreign investors in licensing area;
  • Holding negotiations with state bodies and consecutive works;
  • Environmental protection issues;
  • Corresponding agreements with the state and third parties;
  • Construction agreements;
  • Equipments, machines, apparatus, bases and other property importation and installation;
  • Analysis of the legislative norms and provision of reports on the legislative changes.

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