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2. Legal Due Diligence

Due Diligence

When starting a business or at any stage of business activity very often there is a need to conduct a Due Diligence or legal audit in the Company which may include both the general activity of the Company and its certain areas.

The Due Diligence of the company is simply a necessity if its shares/stocks should be purchased or a major transaction should be concluded with the company. Such due diligence is required by the shareholders as well when they want to evaluate the status and the legal risks of their company legal issues.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm is ready to perform both general and branch due diligence through its lawyers specialized and experienced in different legal areas.
Inter alia other issues the following issues are studied during the general due diligence of the companies:


  • 1. The legal status of the companies. foundation resolutions, charters, state registration certificates, foundation agreements, separated subdivisions, etc.;
  • 2. Shares of the companies: registry books of the shareholders, statements, decisions of the General Meetings of Shareholders (Sole shareholders) and the decisions of Board of Directors, matters related to the emission , allocation, distribution, consolidation of shares, changes in the charter capital, documents of shares emission, share purchase and sale agreements, transfer acts and payment approvals, other agreements signed in connection with the shares, issues related to the restriction of disposal right, dispute availability;
  • 3. Licensing of the companies: the list of the issued licenses, terms and conditions of the licenses, documents on guarantee issued by the Companies for obtaining licenses, state bodies documents related to violation of the law by the companies, inquiries, acts on the performed audits, correspondence, etc.;
  • 4. Corporate issues: decisions of the general meetings, decisions on forming, electing, appointing the chief executive, controller, authorized representatives of the shareholders (bodies, officials) and on the early termination of their agreements, the employment agreements of executive bodies, chief accountants, financial directors, chief engineers, directors on technical issues, commercial directors, decisions on founding affiliate companies, dependent companies, non commercial companies and separated subdivisions (participation therein) documents, decisions on major transactions, interest in the transactions and other transactions;
  • 5. Issues related to tax and other mandatory payments: employment agreements, annual reports, accounting balances, decisions on approving the profit and loss statements, distribution of profits and losses, payment of dividends, establishment of foundations and their use;
  • 6. Contractual (disputable) and judicial issues: list of the agreements, information on the compliance with the agreements, decisions of the Companies Shareholders General Meeting (sole shareholders) and the Board of Directors (if available) on the transactions, Company court cases and other disputes;
  • 7. Property: movable and immovable property, agreements, contracts, transfer acts, payment approvals, registration certificates, other documents that prove the ownership right towards the property and the proper purchase thereof, incomplete objects, documents related to intellectual property;
  • 8. Issues related to the environment, administrative approvals, labor relations and other areas.

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