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10. Labor law

Labour Law

Compliance with the requirements of Labour legislation is one of the preconditions for success in business

 to perforIn orderm effective entrepreneurship in Armenia any company is obliged to strictly follow the requirements of labour legislation and the rights of the employees, otherwise punishment measures in the form of fines/penalties are foreseen both for the company and its management. 


Besides, if the Company fails to comply with the labour norms it can have a negative impact on the business reputation of the company among the clients and create a negative public opinion about the given company both as a business and as an Employer.

The lawyers and advocates of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm, who have many years experience in the given area and are well aware of the Labour Code and its peculiarities, are ready to represent the interests of both the employees and the employers at any stage of labour relations and in any issue.

Our office offers the following services in the area of labour law:


  • Consulting on the issues related to labour law;
  • Preparing documents on the employment agreements and labor relations regulation;
  • Organizing the procedure for employing and dismissing the chief executive of the company;
  • Drafting the documents related to the shareholding of the employees and organizing of the entire process;
  • Regulating employees’ material responsibility issues and compensation of losses;
  • Documenting the relations with the foreign employees;
  • Organizing and documenting the employment, dismissing, transfer to another job, disciplinary punishment, provision of vacations, involving in overtime work, employees certification, training and any other procedures arising from labour relations;
  • Developing internal disciplinary rules, orders, decisions, instruction on the employees’ positions and their conformation with the RA Legislation;
  • Due diligence of labour relations;
  • Entire legal accompanying service of the companies’ human resources work, legal assistance in human resources, developing human resources documents and checking their compliance with the requirements of legislation;
  • Representation in the administrative proceedings in connection with the relations with administrative bodies, appealing against the acts of administrative bodies, maintaining correspondence and organizing legal inquiries;
  • In case of labour disputes holding negotiations and judicial representation in all the instances;
  • Copyright and intellectual property protection in the relations between the employers and employees;
  • Developing the required measures and strategy aimed at protecting the employers and employees’ rights and legal interests.


Our goal is to be beside the clients in any issue related to the labour laws and to assist them whether in daily entrepreneurship or in connection with the major plan modifications, taking into consideration the area of activity and its peculiarities.

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