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8. International Trade

International Trade

Provision of services in the matters related to international private law is one of the primary directions of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm.


The regulations related to foreign investments, as well as the contractual relations with foreign companies have an important role in this area, thus, the application of the international legal documents is important, too.

The rules regulating the international trade are complicated and of various nature. They are connected with both national regulations and the legislative regulations of a certain country, as well as with the requirements and procedures defined by the international treaties and conventions.


The team of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm is staffed with lawyers that have higher education in the areas of commercial law and the international private law (Armenia, France, England) who have more than 10 years working experience and with their help we offer the following services:


  • Legal consulting and service on all the issues related to international commercial law;
  • Drafting any kind of international commercial agreements: purchase and sale, supply, distribution, provision of services, agency agreement, commission agreements, leasing, joint venture, franchising, cargo transportations, loan agreements, electronic commerce, etc.;
  • Import and export transactions, freight forwarding agreements, storage agreements, international transportation agreements and insurance;
  • Supply of foreign goods, import, creating distribution chains and developing legal mechanisms;
  • License agreements for trademarks and franchising;
  • Due diligence of international commercial agreements for checking their conformity with the local and international documents;
  • Holding negotiations for concluding international commercial agreements, correspondence and legal consulting;
  • Developing legal strategy for entering the market and consulting;
  • Presentation of the European Union legislation and consulting in the matters related to its application;
  • Presentation of the Customs Union legislation and consulting in the matters related to its application;
  • Presentation of international treaties (including bilateral treaties) and conventions and consulting in the matters related to their application;
  • Matters related to taxes and customs;
  • Matters related to foreign investments.

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