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4. Intellectual Property And Trademarks

Intellectual Property Protection and Trademarks

Provision of the services in the area of intellectual property and particularly in the area of trademarks is one of the primary directions of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm.

Our aim is not only protecting the intellectual property of the clients but helping them to avoid violating the rules for using the intellectual property or trademarks during their economic activity, as well. Having partners in different countries of the world we have a possibility to provide services to our clients without territorial restriction both in Armenia- following the local procedures, and outside Armenia- following the international procedures.

The team of our law firm is staffed with both patent attorneys and advocates that have many years experience in court cases related to trademarks. The advocates of our team were involved in court disputes concerning major trademarks.

Being one of the leading law firms in the area of intellectual property we offer the following services:


  • Complete legal consulting in the use, purchase, registration and alienation stages of the trademarks and industrial designs;
  • Ensuring the state registration of the intellectual property objects, particularly trademarks and industrial designs and making the required documents;
  • Preliminary conclusion on the possibility of registration of the rights towards trademarks and industrial designs;
  • Holding negotiation on the unconscientious use of trademarks and industrial designs, representation before the third parties, state bodies and courts;
  • Judicial protection of the rights towards the intellectual property, representation in the RA Administrative Court against the Intellectual Property Agency, as well as in the courts of general jurisdiction in connection with forbidding the illegal use of the trademarks and designs;
  • Representation in the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition in connection with the issues related to non-compliance with the competition rules via violations of intellectual property;
  • Analysis and drafting trademarks waiver agreements and license contracts and their registration in the RA Intellectual Property Agency.

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