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7. Foreign Investments

Foreign Investments

Foreign Investments


  • Written legal consulting in any language
  • Study of a certain area and risk assessment,
  • Due diligence of the purchased company,
  • Organization of shares and stocks purchase

Investment and tax optimization mechanisms

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm welcomes the foreign investment projects in Armenia and is ready to provide assistance in the entire investment process.

With the help of our experienced legal advisers, advocates, lawyers with many years experience in the area of financial law and international private law we will make the investment stage efficient and safe which is an important precondition for sustainable development.

Our Law Firm offers the following services, inter alia other services, in the field of foreign investments:

  • Written and verbal consulting related to foreign investments in any language;
  • Bringing forward the peculiarities of a certain area legislation and risk assessment;
  • Due diligence of the purchased company (the reporting is made in any language);
  • Organization of the shares and stocks purchase process and preparation of the documents required for that;
  • Securities and financial markets, issues related to the emission of securities, their allocation, changes in the charter capital amount;
  • Registration of the companies, drafting charter, foundation agreements, agreements between the shareholders/stakeholders and other foundation documents;
  • Registration of branches and representations;
  • Development of investment mechanisms, direct investments, repurchase arrangements etc.,
  • Judicial representation in the local courts and the court instances established based on the international treaties for protecting the interests of the investors;
  • Representation in the RA state bodies, in particular at the state register of legal entities, the companies maintaining the register, in the RA Central Depositary etc.;
  • Settling the disputes between the stakeholder/shareholders or the chief executive and the shareholders both via negotiations and in court manner;
  • Legal assistance in tax optimization mechanisms and general tax policy related to foreign investments, as well as settling the issues related to the exclusion of liabilities not defined by the legislation and elimination thereof.

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