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13. Customs Law

Area of Customs Law

For the companies performing activity in the international private trade compliance with the requirements of the customs law is one of the most important problems and its effective solution is directly determined by the degree of the area lawyer-specialists involvement in the process.

The team of “Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm is staffed with experienced specialists and financial advisers of customs law and with their help we offer the following services:


  • General consulting on issues related to customs law;
  • Bringing forward and evaluating customs risks of export and import;
  • Preparing the documents required for the customs formalities of the goods in customs bodies at any stage;
  • Preparing applications, letters and documents to be submitted to customs bodies;
  • Getting the necessary permissions required for customs formalities from the RA customs bodies;
  • Representation in the issues related to the customs law (disputing intervening acts, claims on action enforcement, etc.);
  • Representation at the courts in connection with the claims of customs bodies on confiscating the amount, as well as in connection with the appeal cases against the illegal actions and decisions of the customs bodies;
  • Representation in the customs bodies in the order of precedence in connection with appealing against the administrative (tax) acts, as well as participation in the administrative proceedings filed and protecting the client’s rights and lawful interests;
  • Representation in the RA State Revenue Committee and customs bodies in connection with any issue related to customs law;
  • Customs audit and detecting customs risks, including a tax-legal conclusion on the transactions to be concluded or executed;
  • Organization of the process of returning the extra paid customs fees, documentation;
  • Customs and legal assistance in transactions, especially in drafting agreements, contracts, payment and account and other documents, checking their conformity and consulting;
  • Presentation and clarification of amendments in the area of customs legislation.


Taking into consideration the fact that punishment measures for the alleged violations in the area of customs law may be applied both to the companies and to the management (chief executive, chief accountant) our services are equally relevant both for the company and its management.

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