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3. Corporate law

Corporate Law

In order to perform successful entrepreneurship in any area all the companies is obliged to follow the corporate procedures and requirements. Non -compliance therewith may have a strictly negative impact both on the general activity of the company and the management and/or shareholders/stakeholders of the company.

The legal assistance in the area of corporate law is important in any and all stages of the Company activity starting from the foundation of the Company, making the foundation documents, acquiring shares or alienating them, mergers, unification, reorganization, conclusion of major and related party transactions and other similar stages up to the stages of the liquidation of the company, quitting the company, settling the disputes with the Company management.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm has viewed provision of services in the area of corporate law as one of its primary directions from the beginning and has gathered together lawyers, consultants and advocates that have theoretical and practical knowledge in that field and are capable of solving the most complicated problems of corporate nature.

Our office provides the following services in the area of corporate law:


  • Written and verbal consulting on corporate issues in any stage of the Company activity;
  • Company foundation, creation of branches and representations;
  • Foreign and private investments, organization of shares or stocks purchase and alienation processes and preparing the required documents;
  • Corporate finances and settling issues related to profit distribution;
  • Registration of the Companies, making charters, founding agreements, agreements between the shareholders/stakeholders and other founding documents;
  • Organization of the state registrations of the amendments to Company founding documents (domicile, firm name, list of the stakeholders, etc.), as well as making amendments that are not subject to registration (e.g. chief executive);
  • Representation in the RA state bodies, in particular in the State Register of Legal Entities, the companies maintaining the register, in the RA Central Depositary etc. in connection with the registration of the Companies;
  • Organization of Company unifications, mergers, separation and reorganization (change of organizational-legal forms) processes and preparing the required documents (including division balance sheet);
  • Securities and financial markets, issues related to the emission, allocation of securities, change in the charter capital amount;
  • Preparing the transactions to be concluded by the Company (including major and related party transactions) and corporate decisions related thereto,
  • Preparing decisions of the chief executive, board of directors, the decisions made by the general meeting of the shareholders and minutes of the meetings,
  • Due diligence in corporate area,
  • Checking the Company corporate documents conformity and permanent supervision,
  • Settling the disputes between the stakeholders/shareholders and the chief executive both via negotiations and in a court manner,
  • Complete legal assisstance in the stages of Company liquidation and bankruptcy/insolvency.

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