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9. Contract Law

Contract law

When concluding agreements or joining them definite rights and liabilities inevitably originate and, consequently, a number of legal risks arise that should be in mandatory manner managed by the lawyers specialized in the area who will provide for the protection of the owners’ and other rightholders’ rights, will help to avoid the abuse of rights, as well as false and sham transactions and adverse impacts of legal nature.


“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm is specialized in the area of contract law and offers the following services:


  • Legal consulting in the stages of concluding, executing contracts and any other stage and on any matter;
  • Drafting any kind of agreements, making addendums and amendments, interpretation, termination, as well as consulting and organization of the entire transaction process;
  • Preparing powers of attorney and other documents required for transactions, defining the legal capacity and authorities of the parties;
  • Purchase and sale, donation, rent, any other kind of alienation and purchase;
  • Supply and distribution;
  • Commission and agency agreements;
  • Real estate, transportation means, equipment and other property lease and sublease;
  • Service provision and work performance agreements;
  • Joint venture and concession agreements;
  • Trademark licensing or waiver agreements and franchising;
  • Cargo transportations and insurance;
  • Loans, pledges and leasing;
  • Development of mixed agreements, contractual schemes and payment mechanisms;
  • Due diligence of any kind of agreements and making them comply with the RA Legislation;
  • Proper formulation of the rights towards the property, making the package, holding negotiations, representation before the third parties, at the notary office and state bodies;
  • Judicial representation in connection with disputes related to the conclusion of agreements, their execution, interpretation, termination and invalidity.


Our office provides services in the area of contract law both in Armenian and in all the international languages.

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