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15. Antitrust and Competition

Competition Law

Parallel to the economic development in Armenia and the increase in the number of the companies the legal regulations in the competition area become more urgent and applicable.


The illegal use of trademarks, anticompetitive arrangements, abusing the dominant position, violation of the requirements to advertising, etc. are examples of economic competition violation and the punishment measures stipulated for them can have an adverse impact both on your business and the good reputation of the company.


“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm offers the following services in the area of competition law:


  • Legal consulting on joint ventures, agreements, plans for entering the market, advertisement and other competition issues;
  • Analysis and planning of the companies’ and partners’ actions;
  • Studies and making the documents for substantiating the antimonopoly actions of the competitors;
  • Submitting applications to the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition and to other competition bodies on the anticompetitive actions of the third parties and representation at those bodies;
  • Participation and consulting about the audits performed by the competition bodies;
  • Consulting on the competition issues originating during the unifications and mergers;
  • Requesting consolidations;
  • Representation at the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition, at the Intellectual Property Agency, as well as at other administrative bodies in the matters related to competition law.
  • Consulting in connection with the compliance with requirements to advertising;
  • Judicial representation at the courts of general jurisdiction and at the administrative courts in connection with prohibiting the anticompetitive actions or in the disputes with the state bodies.

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