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22. Advertising Law


Advertising your products and services is undoubtedly the key to the success of your business, however, advertising implies compliance with the legislative requirements and legal procedures which are mandatory for all the companies.

The requirements to advertising are various and they refer both to the contents and form, as well as to the chosen language, payments, place, trademarks, competition rules, etc.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm provides the following services in the area of advertising:


  • Checking the compliance of the prepared advertisements with the RA Legislation, bringing forward the risks and their assessment;
  • Legal consulting on the already prepared advertisements or the ones to be prepared regarding their conformity with the RA Legislation;
  • Getting permissions for advertising;
  • Developing agreements on providing advertisement services;
  • Representation in the state bodies in relation with the advertising matters, in particular at the RA State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition, at the RA National Inspectorate of Language, at the Intellectual Property Agency, RA Prosecutor’s Office, institutions of local government and other bodies and before third parties;
  • Representation in the RA courts in connection with the disputes on advertising, as well as with the cases on appealing against the administrative acts of the state bodies.

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