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11. Administrative relationships

Administrative Law

The administrative law regulates the relations connected with the state bodies’ and officials’ functions.

The administrative law embraces a wide layer and various types of relations: with the RA Government and ministries, municipalities, staffs of administrative regions (district administrations), tax authorities and customs bodies, Real Estate Cadastre, Compulsory Enforcement Service, Police and other state bodies and the solution of their legal problems requires a literate and professional approach.

“Martirosyan and Partners” Law Firm provides the following services in the area of administrative law:


  • Representation in the relations with the administrative bodies in the administrative proceedings, appealing against the administrative bodies’ acts, appealing against the administrative acts, actions or inactions of the subordinate administrative bodies (tax authorities, customs bodies, local self-governments, ministries, departments, etc. ) in the order of precedence;
  • Representation at the administrative bodies in the order of precedence in connection with the appeals against the administrative acts, as well as participation in the commenced administrative proceedings and the protection of the clients’ rights and lawful interests;
  • Participation and legal assistance in the stage of the audits performed by the state bodies;
  • Legal inquiries to the state bodies and correspondence;
  • Preparing the administrative appeals in the order of precedence and/or preparing answers to the appeals and the attached proofs;
  • Representation at the Compulsory Enforcement Service at the stage of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts, as well as appealing against the actions or inaction of the Compulsory Enforcement Service in the order of precedence or in a judicial manner;
  • Representation and legal support in the matters related to acquiring rights towards the licenses, certificates, permissions, evidence and in any other area.

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